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September 24, 2010

Is it ironic, that someone with a distaste for video games is now nearly-centering my life around a Burning Man camp based on one?

“In an attempt to address an ever-decreasing number of new recruits strengthening America’s forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other parts of the world, the US Army is currently adopting a new way of recruiting young men and women for active service. In northeast Philadelphia, it has set up a new experimental recruiting center, filled with computers and video game consoles, as well as large-scale models of a Humvee and some helicopters. The place looks more like a lounge, adorned with couches and swept away by rock music coming from loudspeakers.

The experiment the Army is currently engaged in seeks to bring more people in, and already they seem to be accomplishing that, if we consider the fact that the new center has already drawn 33 full-time soldiers, as well as 5 reservists. This makes it the approximate equivalent of five other recruitment centers, counting the people attracted within a short time frame.

The $12 million US Army Experience Center, hosted by the Franklin Mills shopping mall features some 60 personal computers and 19 Xbox 360 controllers, all coming with a large array of military strategy games to choose from.”


“O Passado no Presente…”

May 12, 2010

Men look good in suits.

The more tailored, the better.

Eduardo Xavier not only makes pristine suits that look gorgeous, each one tells a story.

Fernando Pessoa blazer – “The critic Harold Bloom referred to him in the book The Western Canon as the most representative poet of the twentieth century, along with Pablo Neruda.”

His whole current collection draws from Portugese histories:

In this collection you will see and feel the ultimate Eduardo Xavier creations that will stand the test of time! Witness the past making history in the Present. Unforgettable       creations with a flash back to the highlights of the Historic Portuguese Age of Discovery,  flip a retrospective of moments from those Kings, Navigators and Discoverers colonizing the world and touching the globe.

Over the last 2 years, Eduardo Xavier did intensive research on materials and embellishments down to the last detail, to enhance their creations.

All materials used are of high quality with a great level of durability giving the precise value of these unique suits. All of this work demonstrates a great passion to create an independent style for today’s man.
This collection captures unforgettable moments in the history of the world.

Eduardo Xavier “O Passado no Presente…” Men Suit Collection in a never before seen perspective.


May 4, 2010

My last trip was an exercise in not buying ridiculous crap. Like this unicorn….tree…holderstandthingie.

Or this ART.


Some odd ski, but with two feet on it, like a snowboard, but I didn’t know snowboarding was that old, so…I did get this cookbook

“Brilliant, witty, literary…” – just like ME!

I also got a wedding dress, with an insane train that doesn’t bustle – and eludes a photograph that captures the magnificence and length


April 25, 2010


April 25, 2010

Details from Jerah…

April 25, 2010

 Full get-up was here.

Hanging from my belt

My glitterstim pipe:

An opium pipe, a gift from a dear, globe-trotting friend.

My “military” accoutrement, courtesy of last year’s Alchemy:

And, of course, my bottle of Lando vintage emerald wine:

Also, since we’re talking about costume details, I was Birdgirl: Attorney at Law, a few years ago. I looked spectacular…per usual, about…oh, two people had a clue who I was.

I made a briefcase

I represent the National Bird Man Love Association. Here’s my card:

April 23, 2010

dan savage/the stranger

April 20, 2010

In 1991 I went to Russia. Leningrad/St. Petersburg and Moscow. I wish I had more pictures- any pictures. I got this ring

It’s bent and scratched, now. We pretended I was deaf. If they heard us talking English, they’d raise the prices. So I pointed, and we had gibberish hand gestures.

It’s unfortunate, I think, I don’t wear jewelry. I like it, and I have some wonderful pieces, but I never wear them. Heck, I couldn’t hang on to either the ring in my nose or my tongue. Other things, I hang onto. Gifts from boyfriends

Random items I don’t remember the origins of

Some purchased at markets in Guatemala for sheer oddity

I think it’s some sort of child prince. The last time (sigh) I was in Prague – well, I was on my way to Prague. Upon my arrival, I discovered I left my wallet on the back of a toilet somewhere between Olomouc and Prague. My money, ID, Communist souvenirs from a flea market outside Budapest…the school group I was with went on with the flight. I stayed, by myself, overnight with some missionaries. Lots of wandering around time. I bought this necklace

of plain, black wooden beads. I don’t know why. I’ve never worn it. That day, though, wandering around Prague feeling so…full of grown-upness and Kundera and Turkish coffee…remains a favourite memory. Part of why I have so much stuff is the memory associated with them. Remnants of my former life

As some sort of….Christian punk rock goth squatter

Though I didn’t, at the time, see myself as such. My friends were…but I wasn’t that cool.

I liked vintage clothes – always have.

That coat, sadly, fits my former-life physique but now has a new home, which thrills me. Red pleather and hot pink velvet, though

had no takers. Why is this strange person taking pictures of random crap she owns? It ain’t a pair of pants, to me. It’s what I was wearing when PJ Harvey was yelling in the background and he took them off and I thought, “Huh…that’s interesting.” Pat Smear sat next to the purple ones. My house is a museum…but6 I’m working to change that.  So call this my eulogy for a misspent youth.

Just sayin’

April 14, 2010

March 28, 2010

The muslin/canvas/pretty sure it’s not duckcloth didn’t come out as distressed from the tea-dying as I’d hoped. Just got a wee bit darker. I don’t like wearing light colours, ickickick, so all this khaki and brown is kind of an obstacle for me…I went to Goodwill to find a bottom. And something to wear. Ha! Since the jacket is brown, and the top is brown, and the boots are brown (UGH) the pants have GOT to be something else. My eyebrows turquoise. Sumpin’.

Sewing the bustier top didn’t go as well as I’d hoped…it’s boring.

Going for topstitching in dark green – maybe purple.

Here’s the coat and belt I’m working with (camera phone pics, je suis layzee), just FYI:

I took a rest from the top to work on the top-top: hair

Bobby-pinning handmade dreads into a layered black wig – not sewing them in. Need this wig for other things. Put a dread with blue ribbon woven innit, and a burgundy dread, up first to continue the anti-browns effort.

Dreads are really easy to make (SO much easier than the real thing).

(Not sure about the light saber. Don’t want to be a Jedi, but would help the hoi polloi “get it.”)

Get you some hurr from the beauty sto:

Put yo urrun on steam, get that hair all wet and kinky (the hair in the packages…) and nap it up. Long-ass extensions are folded in half, keep that loop up top to pin/rope it into your hair. Or sew it onto your clothes. Etc.

These are my favourite boots from a long time ago…if they only made me six feet tall.

Oh, I did get some white cotton drawstring bloomers, to spray paint Endor cammo. Tomorrow (day off!) will try two more thrift stores and then get on that.  Still mulling over what to do with mask. Besides take the rest of the rhinestones off.

I’d love to see this ring in person, is the front there…engraved? Or some sort of screening?