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Relentlessly cheerful, staggeringly awesome

September 10, 2010

James Hance – “Relentlessly Cheerful” and awesome art

Tattoo-worthy, IMHO. He has some really great paintings

for sale, too.


How to make the photo jewelry that’s all the rage…

August 15, 2010

The other week my dad brought me a little treat – he was very pleased about it. It was a necklace with a picture of the Linux  penguin. “She sells these,” he commented,”she can put pretty much anything in them!”

Yeah, I replied, they’re really easy to make! I have a necklace or two using the same method – $40! For something so simple (I saw a how-to on PBS, even, a few years ago).

All you need:

1. picture you want

2. glue/sealer

3. jewelry

Photo Jewelry Making has all of it – even software to help you size the photographs. Photo Jewelry Making helps make it easy with a starter kit that includes:

1 1 oz clear coating kit for sealing your photos into jewelry pieces

1 EZ-Resizer program for easily resizing and printing your photos to the perfect size for photo jewelry (includes presets for all products)

1 Photo Jewelry Making Name Maker CD – Great for easily making text images (such as an important date or event name) and putting text over photos.

6 All purpose craft spoons for mixing clear coating

12 Clear coating mixing cups

2 No-run gel Super Glue for adhering photos

10 Sheets of photo paper

I’d only been familiar with the usual pendants (square, circle, oval) and rings, but Photo Jewelry Making has cufflinks, charm bracelets – even wood. I think the belt buckles would be a hilarious gift,

You could put anything on there! It’s large enough you could even collage. I could put my face on there and give it to my boyfriend. It’s great for friends with funny or esoteric likes, because you can get any picture of it (like some random band or movie star, a funny quote, etc.) and make it into something they can proudly wear.

There’s Pip Boy, from the video game Fallout 3.

I enjoy antique photographs, Photo Jewelry Making has pendants to match:

I’ve already got a list of ideas (Neil Gaiman quotes, Joy Division necklace, a bracelet of fun pictures for mom) just from looking at the site! I could put a picture of Shaft onto this money clip

Rhinestones! Pimpin’!

I love the dog tags:

I have a lot of friends who wear that style of jewelry – or, like me, hang them from their rearview mirror. They’d be really perfect gifts for a group of friends. Or for your soldier, to keep with him while he’s overseas. They come two-sided, so you could put a picture on one side and a message of love or gratitude (or both!) on the other.

One of the really great ideas they have are wine tags! Wine tags make a fantastic hostess gift, but they tend to come in limited styles (flip-flop charms, beads, etc.).

Using their wine tags,

How much fun would it be to put people’s faces on it!? A regular group of friends – like a book club – who gets together for wine could each have their truly own, personalized wine tag! Or you could put little pictures of different cheeses. Mmmm…fromage!

I also like that Photo Jewelry Making is American (in Michigan) and  family-owned. I personally don’t think there’s anything better than a personal gift (no gift cards! no cash! no no no!), and a hand-made personalized gift? The absolute best. Especially at the great prices Photo Jewelry Making offers (I’d get a large amount for wholesale, and have Mother’s Day, birthdays, baby showers and everything covered!).

Their selection is the largest I’ve ever seen – not just the variety (Christmas gifts, watches,

key rings, belt buckles, cufflinks, bracelets, Italian charms, pet ideas

and more!).  Even their FAQ is friendly and helpful. The potential for retail mark-up is astounding, as well.  And thanks to Photo Jewelry Making, it couldn’t be any easier!

Pew Pew Pew!!

August 12, 2010

A while back I got a note from the USPS saying I had to get a mailbox (I have one, it’s on the wall next to my front door) and I didn’t, and that was that. Now I want one!!!

An X-Wing mailbox.

I was already in the throes of covet when I read about the R2D2 phone. I ache I want one so badly!

I think it’d just be easier to find service, I’m having a heck of a time with this one…


July 23, 2010

The boys return. And, more importantly, Joan. Mmm…Jooooaaaaan…did they make it rhyme with “moan” on purpose?

I thought last season was kinda sucky. Here’s to season 4.

Vader’s an EVIL VILLAIN, people. Get it? BAD GUY. Not singing. Not dancing. NAUGHTY.

I’ve also posted about WBC. I was delighted to hear of them protesting ComicCon, and even MOAR delighted to see pics of counter protests this morning, from THEDW linkyloo. Except this guy:

July 15, 2010

I usually don’t dig the mash-ups, too obvious, too boring, etc., but I enjoyed this one alright.

You know what else I enjoy? Friends who live in the country and make their own wine.

On the counter, in the living room, stacked in the bathroom…

In my belly…

Elderberry wine. Good news, the internet can stop now.

The cheeseburger has been had.

Like I needed another reason to live in N.Y.C.

July 14, 2010

Spring has sprung!

June 30, 2010

I’m in crush twice today!

and this guy. No, not the BP guy, whoever had this idea.

Return of the Ewok

June 25, 2010

is insanly, thoroughbly enjoyable. Warwick Davis is so young and cute!

Return of the Ewok is a mockumentary produced during the filming of Return of the Jedi. Warwick Davis is hired to portray the Ewok character Wicket, but must search both the real world and the Star Wars universe to find the scene he is supposed to appear in. He meets many Star Wars cast members, both in and out of character, along the way.

It’s so fun to watch…nothing this casual and fun and cheeky would ever have been done for Phantom Menace. Vader is voiced by Prowse, trivia for you.

C3P0 making demands for him and R2, for their own dressing rooms and electricians – the frontseat for R2, he gets car sick. …I won’t ruin the rest of that scene for you! Or the rest of the film.

Thanks to MysticQuestion92 for sharing this…you are a god among humans.

Cross-posting about Zach Anner

June 14, 2010

I can’t rescue oily penguins from the gulf, but I can try to get Zach Anner to win his own TV show. Hopefully having Oprah on it isn’t a requirement.

I’ll tell you about my weekend later. Fuck cats jumping on trampolines, today’s hero is this guy – well, lemme splain, first. Oprah’s having some sort of contest to give somebody their own show. I can’t even imagine the dreck she’s received from people who actually watch her crap. Somehow this guy, full of awesome, made it into the running.

“No Atlantis is too underwater or fictional!!”

Go vote for him, and then email the link to everybody you know. After you’ve done that (DO IT), watch his thank you video.

Stay posted for updates  – “Tune in to watch video of me dying.”

Drag ball

June 10, 2010

Drag queens v. kings softball game, every bit as hilarious – and fabulous – as you’re thinking.

The queens changed outfits as often as they good, and littered their little community park dugout with boas and sequins.

I had some spare change at La Fiesta the other day, and decided to get some tattoos. Just some silly “bad-ass” tattoos, dragons and whatnot, to wear @ Transformus. Tattoos are so TOUGH!