Hoo lawd

PBS has been rocking my face off…last night I realized that PJ Harvey and Nick Cave as my ideal 3some has been replaced (sorry laydeez) by Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose. I went looking for some .jpgs, and found Charlie-boy interviewing Mr. Smiley… their damn shows keep me up past my bedtime.

Last night it was “South Carolina A to Z.”  It was fascinating, of course, and fun to guess what the letters would be.

D – Duke’s mayonnaise; my friend who moved to AZ a few years ago says he misses sweet tea (a-no-duh), proper collards and Duke’s.

I have an ever-increasing fondness for this crazy state. The gin might have helped…

I’m trying a new one. I”ve written about gin before, but this one is self-proclaimed “unusual”

and preferred by “1 out of 100 people.”

It’s OK. Sapphire still wins. Hendrick’s is too sweet. I had it with my usual tonic and lemon, and second usual grapefruit juice. Many, many times…wonder what Charlie and Tavis’ quaife of choice would be?


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