Cross-posting about Zach Anner

I can’t rescue oily penguins from the gulf, but I can try to get Zach Anner to win his own TV show. Hopefully having Oprah on it isn’t a requirement.

I’ll tell you about my weekend later. Fuck cats jumping on trampolines, today’s hero is this guy – well, lemme splain, first. Oprah’s having some sort of contest to give somebody their own show. I can’t even imagine the dreck she’s received from people who actually watch her crap. Somehow this guy, full of awesome, made it into the running.

“No Atlantis is too underwater or fictional!!”

Go vote for him, and then email the link to everybody you know. After you’ve done that (DO IT), watch his thank you video.

Stay posted for updates  – “Tune in to watch video of me dying.”


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One Response to “Cross-posting about Zach Anner”

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    […] posted here about Zach Anner before (CLICK IT! you can click here and watch them because they’re […]

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