Ghosts Don’t Disappear

Unless Jennifer Love-Hewitt tells them to.

Ghosts Don’t Disappear, an EP from Jonah Knight, aka “Jonah of the Sea.” Singer-songwriter? Noooo! Wait, “singer-songfighter?” Ok. I’ll listen.

I downloaded Ghosts Don’t Disappear (but you should buy it! Do the $13 steal of a 3 CD deal and let me know what the mystery CD was…) – unbeknownst to me I listened to the tracks out of order. So, Jonah, if you’re reading this, mild apologies if you find that upsetting. Instead of writing review paragraphs that are 80% about me and other bands then mentioning the album towards the end, I’m going to go song-by-song and offer my thoughts, as I listened.

Elizabeth Feels Differently

Brings to mind Dan Bern and Mike Ill. A guy with a guitar and something to say, not necessarily a “singer-songwriter.” Jonah has made the wise choice to flesh out this song with backing instruments (lovely violin, in this song) and female vocals (strong and straightforward, complementing his rather than underpowering or overshadowing).

The lyrics make me think I know Elizabeth, too.

It’s reminding me of a lead singer from a punk band going acoustic and solo. It lacks the vocal…polish, let’s say, of a seasoned singer-songwriter but that’s also part of his charm.


Reminiscent of Rusty Belle  (a must-see band) and Damian Rice

“The songs on Ghosts Don’t Disappear cover subjects from post-apocalyptic love to being haunted by ghosts of departed girlfriends.”



Reminiscent of: Nashvillain Family Band

“Singer/Songfighter” – that’s cute. Nothing particularly “anti” or “fighty” in any of the songs on this EP, though.

“…Ghosts Don’t Disappear, is a collection of songs about being haunted, a subject that runs close to home. “My grandmother was a fortune teller,” said Knight…”

Not perky and uptempo a la that dude in the stairwell at college, making the girls swoon. Wistful and nostalgic and quietly pretty.

Someday We’ll All Be Ghosts

Reminiscent of: Avett Brothers

I will probably go download some more. I can’t say I’d listen to it on any sort of regular basis, but I’m curious to hear more, and I certainly know some s/s lovers who might dig it.

The Problem with Math

Least favourite song. First of all, it’s about MATH. Ew. Ok, fine, the mathy lyrics are clever enough, but I don’t feel they fit the timbre of the song, and he of crams a lot of words in at once – switching up the tempo and tone of the song would fit the lyrics and mood of the song better and give us a break from the Ryan Adamsesque wistful guitar pickin’. Which, assuredly, is good but I’d like to hear what else he can do. He admits from the get-go in this song that he’s not a poet so, in that sense, it’s a fun song as the non-poet sings a love song.

 Red House Painters! THAT’S who I’ve been trying to think of. If I had to pick one band, for comparison purposes, I think I’d go with Red House Painters.

If you like these famouser bands, you’ll like Jonah Knight:

Tallest Man on Earth


Deer Tick

Drive-By Truckers

Lucinda Williams

Brandi Carlile

Poke around his website – you can listen to the album as you do (ie, stream and not download anything before you get to hear it – also nice: it doesn’t just start playing. That’s annoying.) When you move around the site, the player stays constant so you don’t lose the song you’re listening to. Very  nice feature. I signed up for the email list – the description reminded me of Adam Brodsky’s missives. You get six free songs, when you sign up (if you get others to sign up you get FORTY songs). Musicians wanting to just get their music out there is always refreshing. Shows us they care about the MUSIC, man!

He’s also written and directed a short film, “Shocks.”

Though flawed*, it’s worth a watch.

*Main flaw is the dialogue-less soundtrack. The music is great (though similar to his own music, and the bands I’ve mentioned) but inconsistent. I ain’t  reviewing the movie, though!

I’m reviewing the CD and I already told you to go buy it, and listen to it as you poke around his website, so GET TO IT!


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