Details from Jerah…

 Full get-up was here.

Hanging from my belt

My glitterstim pipe:

An opium pipe, a gift from a dear, globe-trotting friend.

My “military” accoutrement, courtesy of last year’s Alchemy:

And, of course, my bottle of Lando vintage emerald wine:

Also, since we’re talking about costume details, I was Birdgirl: Attorney at Law, a few years ago. I looked spectacular…per usual, about…oh, two people had a clue who I was.

I made a briefcase

I represent the National Bird Man Love Association. Here’s my card:


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One Response to “Details from Jerah…”

  1. And so it begins. « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] You should buy one. In addition to supporting some ass-busting burners and a truly unique camp, these mugs are awesome. You can clip them anywhere for easy onthego food sharing, drink sampling, hole digging, head bashing, etc. It fits perfectly on my utilibelt (where the opium pipe is in that pic). […]

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