In 1991 I went to Russia. Leningrad/St. Petersburg and Moscow. I wish I had more pictures- any pictures. I got this ring

It’s bent and scratched, now. We pretended I was deaf. If they heard us talking English, they’d raise the prices. So I pointed, and we had gibberish hand gestures.

It’s unfortunate, I think, I don’t wear jewelry. I like it, and I have some wonderful pieces, but I never wear them. Heck, I couldn’t hang on to either the ring in my nose or my tongue. Other things, I hang onto. Gifts from boyfriends

Random items I don’t remember the origins of

Some purchased at markets in Guatemala for sheer oddity

I think it’s some sort of child prince. The last time (sigh) I was in Prague – well, I was on my way to Prague. Upon my arrival, I discovered I left my wallet on the back of a toilet somewhere between Olomouc and Prague. My money, ID, Communist souvenirs from a flea market outside Budapest…the school group I was with went on with the flight. I stayed, by myself, overnight with some missionaries. Lots of wandering around time. I bought this necklace

of plain, black wooden beads. I don’t know why. I’ve never worn it. That day, though, wandering around Prague feeling so…full of grown-upness and Kundera and Turkish coffee…remains a favourite memory. Part of why I have so much stuff is the memory associated with them. Remnants of my former life

As some sort of….Christian punk rock goth squatter

Though I didn’t, at the time, see myself as such. My friends were…but I wasn’t that cool.

I liked vintage clothes – always have.

That coat, sadly, fits my former-life physique but now has a new home, which thrills me. Red pleather and hot pink velvet, though

had no takers. Why is this strange person taking pictures of random crap she owns? It ain’t a pair of pants, to me. It’s what I was wearing when PJ Harvey was yelling in the background and he took them off and I thought, “Huh…that’s interesting.” Pat Smear sat next to the purple ones. My house is a museum…but6 I’m working to change that.  So call this my eulogy for a misspent youth.


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  1. kelley Says:

    it doesn’t sound misspent in the slightest.

    you know, I was in Prague about a month ago, and I thought of you – however weird that might be – because I remembered you writing about how much you loved it. I loved it too.

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