Steak is good.

I’m pretty much vegetarian in practice (as opposed to belief), 99% of the time, if I eat meat, it’s steak. Or bacon. The best steak, I’ve ever had, my friend makes. Grilled. With butter. This guy claims the slow cook method is best. BrodyQat agrees (hey, what’s your blog link? or anything else you want me to link to? or nothing?),

“…it’s absolutely the most amazing steak I’ve ever had in my life. Better than any I’ve had at fancy steakhouses.”

Looks overdone, to me.

And 45 minutes?? Nuh-uh. A few minutes on a grill = perfection.

We do agree on using butter, and not salting (though he does salt it in the end). I don’t use salt. My theory is get a good piece of meat, and you won’t have to suffocate it in gravy and seasonings. Fresh oysters, sashimi, steak tartare…but I do actually use some seasoning on steak sometimes:

It’s the lone non-single spice/herb thingie in my pantry. Well, I guess there is some Allspice. 😛 I rarely salt my food, as I’m cooking. I prefer to let people season to their own tastes. Somehow, that stuff found its way into my house and it’s pretty tasty on a steak.

Also, I’m sure I’m late to the party, but Matt and Kim are my NFB. I happened to hear a song last week,

because it inspired the new Erykah Badu video. Then I heard something else I liked…and then this morning a song played on WUSC that I dug, and the DJ said, “…Matt and Kim…” and I thought, it’s official. NFB (not just any new band is the NFB, mind you).

This isn’t the song I heard this morning, but I still like it:

I’m always wishing I had cheerier music, so it’s been nice that the hipster scene has gone kinda dance-y.  I’ve had THIS f’ing song STUCK IN MY HEAD for a few days, now

And I’m about to murderize somebody. (side note, the background footage of wings flapping was really gorgeous. I spent half that show not even watching her, there was some brilliant film/photos going on behind her)

OH SHIT! Malcom McLaren DIED.

Amanda Palmer has a new song.

Usual hyper-biographical reflections…bit too singer-songwritey for me, but the end is pretty great:

so if i want to drink alone dressed like a pirate
or look like a dyke
or wear high heels and lipstick
or hide in a convent
or try to be mayor
or marry a writer
smoke crack and slash tires
make jokes you don’t like
or paint ducks and retire


…I do really like to dress like a pirate and drink alone.


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2 Responses to “Steak is good.”

  1. Brody Says:

    It’s actually 30 minutes at a pretty low heat, where you’re cooking it on its side first, then each face of the steak for 10 minutes. I dunno what that chunk you posted is all about, was that in the original guy’s post, or one of the responses?

    The steak I cooked came out medium-rare-to-mediumish. In other words, totally perfect. Blew my fucking tiny little mind. But yeah, butter is rad. I’m watching Julie & Julia right now, wishing I could cut out the parts with the annoying 20something blogger-whinger and just watch Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

    RE: linking…. schmeh. I don’t operate any regularly-public blogs…the one I do have that’s updated super-rarely is I don’t mind if you don’t link to me anywhere tho. I’ll just be a disembodied voice floating in the ether going WOOOOOOOOOOOO BUTTER

  2. kel Says:

    woah…can definitely tell she’s been listening to a lot of neutral milk hotel lately…

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