Kurt and Courtney

I can tell you exactly where I was when I found out Kurdt Cobain died. I was on the first floor bathroom of our house in Nurnberg. I had just gotten back from Ibiza (it was a youth group trip in the off-season, mind you). I was on the phone with my friend Rachel, who lived in Rammstein. She was VERY alternative. Shaved head except for long, curled sideburns (the girl equivalent). Her brother spelled his name “Jayson,” and he might be the first gay person I’ve ever known – or at least the first, looking back, that might have been gay. I never found out.

I was sprawled on the floor, on the phone with her, and she told me he’d shot himself.  

 For a “spirit” day I’d worn my old cheerleader’s uniform to school and wrote KURDT down my arm…a la the Teen Spirit video. Only a REAL fan would know that in the Bleach credits, that’s how he spelled his name.

 Opens with a photo of his body on the floor and segueways into an interview with an aunt, who has recordings of him as a toddler, singing and counting to ten. And again at 15, she has recordings of his “first tracks” on reel to reel.

 We can’t listen to the song, because Courtney threatened to sue the filmmakers (they say, having also claimed how difficult it was to make this investigative film. Did you see Who Killed Curt Kobain? Courtney Love and Mexican wrestler midgets or something like that).

 Thus far, this seems to be a fan’s documentary…interviews with people in Aberdeen who knew him as a kid (aunt, teacher, ex-girlfriend (“only love before he got famous,” attributes his heavily layered look to the fact he only weighed @ 120lbs, and got teased)…shots of the bridge he lived under that inspired Something in the Way, old family footage (man he was cute!)…all working towards the saga of Kurt and Courtney.

 Her dad thinks he was murdered…authored “Who Killed Kurt Cobain?” and shares early photos and life histry. While at reform school, she got “into the glamour of drugs.” Her boyfriend before Kurt has a suitcase of her crap – including her to-do lists of stuff like, “Become friends with Michael Stipes.” He is highly amusing. I like him.

 I met a boy at an MUN session in Den Haag…I forget where, I think his name was Jack, but it probably wasn’t. I remember our last exchange, in a hotel lobby. I told him he looked like Kurt Cobain, and he replied, “You kinda look like Courtney Love,” and we were smitten kittens.

 This documentary is also igniting my abiding passion for dirty, dirty rock and roll – and the fellas who play it. Halfway through we meet the guy who bought the gun K/Curt used who has little to add except that Kurt and Courtney were “obviously going through some turbulence” at the time – and they’d call him up simultaneously, asking for drugs and for him to not tell the other.

 The opening creepy corpse shot circles back mid-film, with the actual recording of two pals looking for Kurt and El Duce, the fella from Who Killed Curt Cobain that allegedly was paid 50 grand by Courtney to kill Kurt. They they try to ambush Courtney in her studio (fail).

 What started as a bio of sorts has gone back to the whole “whodunit?” that’s been rehashed thoroughly in the 10+ years since his suicide….and you know what? This is the same movie I saw so long ago…ha ha! I’ve already seen this movie. It does explain the hair, make-up and abodes of some of the interviewees, though. I’d wondered earlier how cute it was this chick was still sporting barrettes and big red lips.

 So yeah, definitely for fans only – and if you’re a fan, then you’ve already seen this! So…nevermind!


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