In which I win a prize!

Jerah was a success.

“Fucking Alderaan!”  Jerah, Dharus privateer recruited into the Renegade Squadron. Human, residing in the Forest of Endor when not on covert ops. Or “co-op missions…who needs quinoa??”

(Jerah is a name I stole from a college friend.)

A very good place to start (the beginning):

I have a Hair High. It’s like a Bump It, only it’s a dollar.

I wove my own hair into a black wig and pinned the dreads I’d made all over it – it was hot and heavy, alllll night long…

Way more fairy than Star Wars :/ But from head to toe:

 –  My pirate queen coat with a Renegade Squadron and Dharus patch, tea-dyed canvas and shiny dress shirt fabric sewn onto a bustier – and a pocked from a pair of cargo shorts on one breast

belt from Blue Moon, opium pipe from Hank, respirator from 3M, grommets from corset I never finished glued on the side

 – plain black leggings with one leg of another pair “garted” with the drawstring from the cargo shorts, and a pocket from the cargo shorts sewn on the side

– good ol’ stompy boots with polar fleece stuff wrapped around the calf, corduroy strips around the sole

– arm warmers from Shibari

– machete knife tied to my thigh with aforementioned drawstring

– I blacked my teeth out. I’m surprised every time by the reaction I get from people – overwhelmingly disturbed (they are).

– dog tag and bullet from Alchemy and Lamplighters

– L’Oreal Plumage lipstick, orange eyeshadow, bronzer and so forth – oh, and turquoise mascara sweeping my eyebrows straight up

–  Lando’s Emerald Wine – pairs with braised nerf! I was quite proud of that bottle.

It works every time! I forgot to take a picture of it before it got drunk up, it was white wine (blech) with green food coloring, a la ambrosia…like I said. Aaron got it.

I do love the Whig, the bartenders can be really fun. We did shots of  Emerald Wine

There was even a costume contest that I didn’t know about. I didn’t want to participate – I just…feel weird, but I got dragged up there, and I won!

That wasn’t even the best part. I loved when they announced the winners, “…Tim* for Android Warhol and Michele…for…being…Michele!!”

I even got a PRIZE! Gift certificate to the store I got the coat from.


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