The muslin/canvas/pretty sure it’s not duckcloth didn’t come out as distressed from the tea-dying as I’d hoped. Just got a wee bit darker. I don’t like wearing light colours, ickickick, so all this khaki and brown is kind of an obstacle for me…I went to Goodwill to find a bottom. And something to wear. Ha! Since the jacket is brown, and the top is brown, and the boots are brown (UGH) the pants have GOT to be something else. My eyebrows turquoise. Sumpin’.

Sewing the bustier top didn’t go as well as I’d hoped…it’s boring.

Going for topstitching in dark green – maybe purple.

Here’s the coat and belt I’m working with (camera phone pics, je suis layzee), just FYI:

I took a rest from the top to work on the top-top: hair

Bobby-pinning handmade dreads into a layered black wig – not sewing them in. Need this wig for other things. Put a dread with blue ribbon woven innit, and a burgundy dread, up first to continue the anti-browns effort.

Dreads are really easy to make (SO much easier than the real thing).

(Not sure about the light saber. Don’t want to be a Jedi, but would help the hoi polloi “get it.”)

Get you some hurr from the beauty sto:

Put yo urrun on steam, get that hair all wet and kinky (the hair in the packages…) and nap it up. Long-ass extensions are folded in half, keep that loop up top to pin/rope it into your hair. Or sew it onto your clothes. Etc.

These are my favourite boots from a long time ago…if they only made me six feet tall.

Oh, I did get some white cotton drawstring bloomers, to spray paint Endor cammo. Tomorrow (day off!) will try two more thrift stores and then get on that.  Still mulling over what to do with mask. Besides take the rest of the rhinestones off.

I’d love to see this ring in person, is the front there…engraved? Or some sort of screening?


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