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This is awesome. Just awesome. I already wanted to live in Iceland, they keep giving me reasons to.

“I guess the men of Iceland will just have to get used to the idea that women are not for sale.”


The word “epic” was invented for this poster. And jellyfish! And….I just bought it.

Me and him have zombies and unicorns in common. Me and Gaga have steak in common.

Steak tartare is good.

I recently yelled at a kid for being ignorant. What? Well, he was all angry about WBC coming here – because he was “gay and atheist.” I was trying to tell him how to fight them a little more intelligently (later telling the boyf, “If I am at a party talking about the New Covenant, TAKE ME HOME.”) but he didn’t want to hear it. He just wanted to be “gay and atheist”  and “angry.” Show up and holler at ’em. Because people who disagree with each other get SO much accomplished with they have a sign-off.

Me, I say DO SOMETHING. Jackass. – not you, gentle reader, just the many, many kids I’ve known over the years who’s idea of fighting “the man” was to hang out in an anarchist bookstore all day, spanging in a  FREE MUMIA t-shirt and pass out drunk on a couch after an Assmen show. Yeah, THAT’ll show them.

Anyways. This kid, give him a cookie. Made of checks written to these charities.

I especially enjoy the thank you cards, sent to Rev. Phelps. Beautiful. Protest with action, not t-shirts.


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