Ewoks! A post about how I learned to stop worrying and love the Rebel Alliance.

More than I already did.

There’s a fundraiser coming up for Aaron and Grant’s campaign. It has a costume theme of “retro future.”

I’m not thrilled about the theme (“Telling me to come up with “a costume” is like asking Carl Sagan to tell you “one important thing” about the universe.”), but excited by a) the challenge of thinking of something b) getting to dress up in town.

I knew one thing: I wanted to stay as far away from steampunk as possible. I want the bad-assery a la Thunderdome, but without the khaki/desert. I want ooo-la-la imaginative sleek futuristic, but nothing too…”cyber.”

I began as I always do: raiding my stuff. I knew I wanted to use my Frankenstein boots, and maybe velvet  tie-dye jacket. Preferably my lovely, wonderful, amazing belt from Blue Moon Katherine – I can’t recommend one enough. I also have my respirator…so the general idea is heading towards post-apocolyptic. I want a functional get-up, not just something wacky.

There is, of course, a plethora of awesome stuff on Etsy – not even looking at “steampunk.”

This mask is great.

We got an old respirator in perfect working order and tossed those pesky lung saving filters in the trash.* So you too can breathe in the polluted rot ridden oxygen that will soon coat the planet.

I started on the respirator last night…it was bedazzled and painted with hot pink stripes for Burning Ma – wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to ideaifying.  I have a t-shirt with Leia and her blaster on the front, captioned “ANTI-IMPERIALIST.” Brain turns towards a sort of rebel scum pirate – but not too Firefly. I was a Tatooine village woman (twice, once at midnight, once the following evening) for the premiere of PM…fringe Star Wars something might be awesome. I could do a Stromtrooper-inspired get-up.

So, I start amassing potential things to use in a pile. I get the jacket on the mannequin, and Shibari insists I must wear it. With the utility belt. But not the t-shirt. Hmmm…I have this horrid Madonna white lace bustier…and this canvas…I will tea stain the canvas and sew it all raggedly over the bustier…what about the boots? Must be tall (I go from 5’4 to 6′). Want to hide the goth. Yay room of fabric randomness.

Boots are go. I’m debating the fur. I don’t want to offend any Ewoks.

I also root for shit to fancy up the respirator with. Don’t want to brass out, want to keep it simple, but distinctive, and well, cool-looking!

I accidentally get the wrong grommet, and some super glue later, I have begun

Story-wise, I’m leaning towards pirate. I was going to make some freezer paper stencils…

The Renegade Squadron was a Rebel Alliance military unit of underworlders, assembled by Han Solo and commanded by Col Serra. The unit consisted of underworlders recruited by Serra from around the galaxy. Assigned to advanced black operations, very few actually knew of the existence of the squadron, and their actions which actually kept the Alliance alive.

So, that’ll be my patch. I also somehow want to align myself with Endor, because I think Ewoks are awesome. A few Ewokese phrases scattered in my conversations will help.

Will help amuse me. Nobody else will have a clue what I’m doing. But that’s OK. That’s usually how my costumes go. Portnoy’s mother was a blast.

Dharus’ patch is a little animey, but bad girl turned good for the Alliance would be fun.

…what was I talking about? Oh, right, rebel scum smuggler hoo-ha. I still have to decide on pants. 

But this is going to be fun.


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