Spring has sprung…

And young lovers are penning wistful notes of yearning and unrequited…

…ketchup. Oh, Spencer, she really wants you! On her! Ketchup?

Me, on the first day of S.C. spring, I spent it holed up in an antique mall.

Pony tail!

In addition to the GORgeous amounts of clown stained glass art found around the place, there’s one whole wall, just deeVOTEd to clowns.

If only all my beer drinking really did help crippled children. I’ll even wear a fez!

I would like to put this high up in a corner of the house, and install a motion light (so that when people walk by it will STARE AT THEM).

That globe is an actual globe, the picture didn’t capture the dimension. There wasn’t a price tag on it, and I’m glad, because I would have bought it. And given it to Colab.

One booth was nothing but shelf after shelf of retro, vintage and antique beer and likker bottles, glasses, advertisings and such.

I think I have a new Etsy store:

DOYOUSEEWHATTHEYDIDTHERE? What a pretty dress! Oops, no, ass! No, dress! No, ass!

This is my music corner:

It needs help.  You can see Moz, up there in the right, embarrassed to be seen…also, fried catfish is awesome

Esp. with my homemade chipotle ketchup or wasabi mayonnaise.

Last, but not least:


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