John Waters’ top 10 movies of 2009

1. Import Export
2. Antichrist
3. In the Loop
4. World’s Greatest Dad
5. Bruno
6. Lorna’s Silence
7. Broken Embraces
8. The Baader Meinhof Complex
9. Whatever Works
10. The Headless Woman

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The only surprise – well, two surprises: that Robin Williams’ movie, really? And the ones that I haven’t seen/aren’t in my Netflix queue, I haven’t heard of.

Bruno – made me laugh. So much more than Borat. Except for picking on Ron Paul. Allll the assholes in government, and you pick him?

The Baader Meinhof Complex – As much as I love all things German, Communist and vintage, this movie ran too long for me. Interesting historically, I guess, but overall, didn’t really dig it.

1. Import Export
2. Antichrist
3. In the Loop

6. Lorna’s Silence

All in my queue – Antichrist actually played here, in our one-screen “art house” theatre that shows artsy movies about the time they’re on DVD, but I missed it. They also only run movies for a couple of days, two showings a day, too early and too late for me.

Also funny, I read about all those movies; Netflix jogged my memory. I just didn’t want to see them.

I feel like adding World’s Greatest Dad is John playing a joke on me…but I also didn’t know Bobcat G. wrote it. And it’s on Watch It Now, so I’ll be watching that today, probably. I’m not adding Broken Embraces, because I generally don’t like Pedro Almodovar movies. I also intentionally didn’t see Whatever Works, as I’m not a fan of Woody Allen or the Seinfeld guy who’s in Curb Your Enthusiam now.

Man, why don’t I get paid to write movie reviews? Just kidding. You are reading why.

I added The Headless Woman. I vaguely remember thinking it sounded a little heavy-handed for my tastes, but if John says so…

**Ok, I guess he picked WGD because it is about as black a comedy as they come? And “anti-family friendly?” It found it lagging…but it’s nice to watch Robin Williams perform without wanting to punch him. For understated faux-family comedy, The Weatherman is better.


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