I want to be a disco duck…

Making your own disco ball is pretty easy – in theory. Smash some CDs, glue them onto a ball.

We (the ladies of Swanky Gruel, RIP) did it once.

Well…tried it once. I bled, and had to content myself with just drinking (a boo-hoo-hoo). Smashing CDs was harder than it looked – smashing them safely, that is (see aforementioned bleeding)(maybe if we’d smashed first and THEN started drinking…).

I recently discovered you can buy the mirrored squares, as seen in that photo below, at WalMart, etc. We were using styrofoam balls, for the light weight. Theoretically, though, you can stick that shit onto anything. I knew a lady who did it to taxidermied deer heads.

I just looked for another Vader helmet on ebay – I don’t want to use mine

but they’re not going within my price range (ie, whatever it costs in a bag of other stuff at the Asheville dollar-a-pound Goodwill).

I wish I had a famous blog, because I would start a disco challenge, and we could all make random things into disco balls and mail them to each other, and post pictures of ourselves getting down.


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One Response to “I want to be a disco duck…”

  1. kel Says:

    if you can hold that thought for 6 weeks, I’m totally game for disco challenge.

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