Vegan meatloaf

Yes yes, how can it be vegan and have meat innit? Well, what is meat, really? The “meat” of something is really just what comprises the most of it, no? The meat of a story, the meat of a…a….ok, so the recipe is called “neatloaf,” I just hate cutesy vegan names for shit.

I couldn’t follow it exactly-exactly, because 1/3 lb of tofu is…how much of this 14 oz standard size available at grocery stores?

But it turned out ok

An hour’s cooking time means it’s definitely not a quick dinner classic. Corn flakes, tofu and ricotta cheese…the thing I’ve always enjoyed about vegan cooking is how often the ingredients make you go “…ah no.” But the end result is quite tasty. The end result looked pretty much look the uncooked version:

The sauce, seemingly the usual BBQ stuff (ketchup, molasses, ACV) was quite tasty. I decided whatever the neatloaf tasted like, the sauce was a definite keeper.

End result? Pretty tasty. I would skip the sauce, it was just too sweet for me – and I was never a meatloaf person (or a ketchup person) to start with.  Here’s the notes I texted myself:

Spongey. eggy like quiche, delicious like awesome, keeping sauce recipe

Good…complicated and ingredienty? Can see how a restaurant might get it more neatloaf, less neatpile…prefer no sauce, too sweet. We’ll see how it improves (or unimproves) after resting overnight, being reheated, etc.

Def has that ground beef dense meatloaf texture, which surprised me when i realized thats what it was…gonna keep it. Might not be a recipe to make on a regular basis, but definitely a good one for vegan friends. Maybe I’ll make one.

Also, should this be your recipe and you find this, and want credit, take it! I printed this out one random “I need to be more raw” afternoon…it’s what I do inbetween dinners with Vic.

Best steak in town.

Best bloody, blurry steak in town.

Oh…apologies to any vegans who might have been all “Yay! Vegan food! I heart animals! Meat is murder!” for the carnivore porn here at the end. 😦


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