Top “road trip” albums

I mostly listen to mixes or books on tape, but there are some CDs I take on trips – I have to listen to peppy stuff.

(pretty much anything by The Smiths)

(Lola Ray’s first album)

Here’s some of my faaaaaavouritest songs as of late:

And this song is on the forever and all-time list:

Throw in some Dresden Dolls *and Amanda Palmer, songs from the Cabaret sdtk., and I’m set.

*I remember staying up late that night, to catch them on that show…it was like a special reunion since the Jimmy Kimmel show is where I saw them, for the very first, supremely magical time…

…I want to recollect I stood staring at the television, literally jaw hanging open, astonished.

Also reference: 

mixes I’ve made for Alchemy

the music of my youth


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One Response to “Top “road trip” albums”

  1. Runaway Says:

    You’ll dance to anything by The Smiths…

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