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Why it shouldn’t snow in S.C.

February 28, 2010

Recently, for the first time in seven years, we saw snow.

Poor flowers. I hope they come back.

I hope all this wetness means abundant peaches.

…that didn’t sound dirty at all.

I think I forgot to mention this beta copy of Wrath of Khan I resisted:

Also recently I went to a show that not only didn’t suck, I LIKED it. I had nothing bad, snarky or otherwise, to say about it. One of my biggest complaints @ Columbia is the lack of art. There are galleries. There are artists. Some of them are famous. It is a staid, boring “scene,” IMHO – or, to put it more kindly, simply not “my scene.” Criminal lack of “modern” (read: interesting, not pictures of Pawley’s Island or dogs) art and performance art.

Anyways. Bitchbitch, moan moan, this show was great. It was a cohesive installation, an actual “show.” As opposed to random pieces hung up by different artists. This one started, and increased in meaning and representation and had depth and a purpose.

Last Words, the accompanying exhibit which has been integrated very well into this show, represents the miles and hours Susan spent visiting cemetaries, literally across continents, collecting silken grave rubbings from headstones and monuments then bringing them home and transforming them into 30 art quilts. The arrangement of the exhibit is such that if Blues Chapel represents the Church, then Last Words serves as the church yard.”

Please to read the whole blogpost  – I wish I’d taken more pictures…because otherwise my comments won’t mean anything to people who weren’t there, and nobody, much less my friends here who were at the show read this blog – so here’s some of my favourite pieces from the show:

Those are from the “chapel,” which had church pews and even fans – that attention to detail that set this show head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen in ten years @ Gallery 80808. I felt the artist really cared about this exhibit, and it absolutely showed (as opposed to the aforementioned “Here’s my shit in frames on a wall, have some wine.” shows they usually have).  It just made me really happy to finally feel like I was at an art show.

It didn’t hurt that the second part of the exhibition, which for some reason got way less media, consisted of two of my favourite things:  death and vintage clothes.

Embroidery, misc. vintage fabrics and headstone rubbings – and some “mixed media.”

One of my “artist” friends commented, “…nothing I’d hang on my walls but I like it.” To which I immediately responded “I would SO hang this smack in my living room.” That dress piece up above would go front and center on the living room wall facing the front door. Which, of course, made them all laugh because they realized how very much up my alley this particular exhibition was (I have worked in the funeral business for nearly ten years).

Stuff I like to look at, and stuff I like to do – and humorous morbidity.

It was earnest, wistful, sad and sombre, colourful and cheeky – just like me (ha ha).

The “textile artist” responsible for my happiness was chatty but delightful, and so engaged and genuinely vested in her subject matter(s). She pleasantly answered all of our questions (where is this? how did you do this? do you do layaway? – I seriously contemplated purchasing that last one, there).

Some of the pieces had seperate scenes embroidered onto the back of them – just a very masterful exhibition, as far as the stitching.

It was so good, I would actually go to another “808080808080808080808….” (as I like to call it) show with an open mind (as opposed to just showing up to support my friends)!


Vegan meatloaf

February 28, 2010

Yes yes, how can it be vegan and have meat innit? Well, what is meat, really? The “meat” of something is really just what comprises the most of it, no? The meat of a story, the meat of a…a….ok, so the recipe is called “neatloaf,” I just hate cutesy vegan names for shit.

I couldn’t follow it exactly-exactly, because 1/3 lb of tofu is…how much of this 14 oz standard size available at grocery stores?

But it turned out ok

An hour’s cooking time means it’s definitely not a quick dinner classic. Corn flakes, tofu and ricotta cheese…the thing I’ve always enjoyed about vegan cooking is how often the ingredients make you go “…ah no.” But the end result is quite tasty. The end result looked pretty much look the uncooked version:

The sauce, seemingly the usual BBQ stuff (ketchup, molasses, ACV) was quite tasty. I decided whatever the neatloaf tasted like, the sauce was a definite keeper.

End result? Pretty tasty. I would skip the sauce, it was just too sweet for me – and I was never a meatloaf person (or a ketchup person) to start with.  Here’s the notes I texted myself:

Spongey. eggy like quiche, delicious like awesome, keeping sauce recipe

Good…complicated and ingredienty? Can see how a restaurant might get it more neatloaf, less neatpile…prefer no sauce, too sweet. We’ll see how it improves (or unimproves) after resting overnight, being reheated, etc.

Def has that ground beef dense meatloaf texture, which surprised me when i realized thats what it was…gonna keep it. Might not be a recipe to make on a regular basis, but definitely a good one for vegan friends. Maybe I’ll make one.

Also, should this be your recipe and you find this, and want credit, take it! I printed this out one random “I need to be more raw” afternoon…it’s what I do inbetween dinners with Vic.

Best steak in town.

Best bloody, blurry steak in town.

Oh…apologies to any vegans who might have been all “Yay! Vegan food! I heart animals! Meat is murder!” for the carnivore porn here at the end. 😦

Top “road trip” albums

February 26, 2010

I mostly listen to mixes or books on tape, but there are some CDs I take on trips – I have to listen to peppy stuff.

(pretty much anything by The Smiths)

(Lola Ray’s first album)

Here’s some of my faaaaaavouritest songs as of late:

And this song is on the forever and all-time list:

Throw in some Dresden Dolls *and Amanda Palmer, songs from the Cabaret sdtk., and I’m set.

*I remember staying up late that night, to catch them on that show…it was like a special reunion since the Jimmy Kimmel show is where I saw them, for the very first, supremely magical time…

…I want to recollect I stood staring at the television, literally jaw hanging open, astonished.

Also reference: 

mixes I’ve made for Alchemy

the music of my youth

See that my grave is kept clean

February 25, 2010

On my desk, a register of funeral records from June 1915-July 1916, each page recording minimal bio info and funeral costs.

An asylum inmate died of pellagra. So far, all of the asylum/sanitorium residents have died of pellagra. The article says it is a vitamin deficiency, but according to one of my directors, “It’s eatin’ the same thing all the time.”

Mamie Ethel was only 22, and there’s no cause of death listed.

“Electrocuted Accidental”

“Shock following accidental injury”

A co-worker’s uncle’s record was discovered, “gun shot wound of abdomen.” He was shot on the courthouse steps by a criminal.

Asia died of epilepsy. This entry is like a cross between Edward Gorey and the Jim Carroll Band.

Mr. Friday and his death by Bright’s disease were in good company. Lots of nephritis and colitis.

“Intestinal obstructions” sounds like a terrible way to go. Reminds me of a fella we once had, who went and choked on his pork chop during Tuesday dinner with his family.

A 2-year old could die of tonsilitis. A 37-year old woman? Childbirth. A 19-year old male caught the ol’ “Gangrenous Ruptured Appendix.”

The State Penitentiary paid for Tommie’s “legal electrocution” and $19.10 funeral.

Minnie got shot in the head…by her own hand. Her stockings cost 50 cents, her dress $18.

“Railroad accident”

“Dysintary Old Age”

“Suicide by Cutting throat with knife”

“Strangulation” – killed in the elevator of a hotel

“Dropped dead in field”  – a 70-year old man with one of my favourites names, Levi

Lots of apoplexy, too.

Richland County poor house might pitch in towards your bill.

5 years, 5 months died of “Burns Shock” (or Burma Shark) and had an ambulance on her bill.

As I was reading all that, someone went to a hospice to make some arrangements to enter it, and she died there in the office.

Warm summer days indoors…writing frightening verse…

February 23, 2010

Ask me I won’t say no – how could I?

A Valentine’s Day tale

February 14, 2010

He and his wife lived in seperate buildings of the same nursing home. She has “Old Timers,” and needed special care. His son came the day before Valentine’s and they went to visit her, taking flowers. Son wanted to take Father to lunch. After seating his father in the car, he struggled to get the wheelchair into the trunk. Upon success he returned to the front of the car to find his father, in those few minutes, had died.

I got the rare, and very much appreciated opportunity to use my creative license (which I posses in abundance) to list, as surviving, “…his Valentine and beloved wife of 60 years…”

February 13, 2010

I’ve been following Postsecret for years and years…it used to be better. Edgier. Really thought-provoking. I always wondered what my secret was. This site offers good incentive for finally deciding.

Secret’s Safe

For several years, now, I say at least once a day, “I really need to start doing yoga again.” Apparently my cats never stopped.

If “beefy machismo” is your idea of a good thing, you might enjoy the advice for How to Find That Special Someone. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the second video.

Last night watching the Olympics I informed my fellow bar patrons that rich Bostonians fly to Iceland for the weekend, as it is a mere four hours. “Who wants to go to Iceland?” they queried derisively. Me.