Movies all the live-long day

Priceless – French good guys often have this big sad-eyed look. I really can’t stand Tatou’s character, making it hard to watch. Well, and the sad sack is an idiot, throwing his savings away on a whore. So, it’s not worth watching for the art of cinema, the lead characters are borderline disposable, and it isn’t funny. I skipped to the end, I guess they end up in love (after she teaches him how to grift rich women) and all’s well that fini’s well. Dreck. I officially have never seen a movie Tatou was in that I liked, and her name is now one that, if attached to a movie, will encourage me to not see it.

Vanity Fair: Reese – can’t take the accent seriously. The British one or the French one.

More background info (such as why she speaks French) than the BBC version but overall…it’s like they tried to go Balzach/Moliere with tragedy.  Pull a Lehrman on a classic tale. Also, poorly cast. The dance number (I mean, uh, ballet performance) was just silly and improbable.

Netflix guessed I’d rate it 2.7. They were .7 off.

Blindness – I read the book, and watched most of this in fast forward. I just noticed at the 16 minute mark it is two hours long.  The book is very bleak and horrible, I can’t imagine it’d be a good movie. The nut of philosophy that sort of buoys the story isn’t exactly the sort of thing – as philosophies tend to not be – you can build a movie around. I skimmed it til the end, to see if they kept the book’s ending.   They did.

 Skills Like This – Maybe I’m just not in a movie watching mood. The lead couple is somehow likable (and easy on the eyes) so I kept watching until it said I didn’t have enough memory to continue. So when I logged back in, I picked something else.

 Kiss of Death – Having recently seen Happy Go Lucky, I’m reminded of it (both Mike Leigh)…a movie not really about some people so much as showing their lives for a period of time. Not necessarily any sort of “point.” Or “plot.”  Kept on watching mostly for the vintage British kitsch/clothing factor. Plus, the fun of watching funeral business pre-mandatory glove wearing and such.

 Tell No One 

 Really good sdtk.  “Old school?” Good ol’ fashioned murder mystery. No big car chases or over-violence for the sake of gorey special effects. Also one of the best expository montages I’ve ever seen.

Dorkness Rising – Ok. Mountain Doom on their soda cans. I like it.

“You cast a fourth level spell on a zero level peasant.”

The “monk” waves a Jedi palm when he tries to convince people of something.

I almost feel like this could be some sort of documentary, about the lost art of role-playing. F WoW! This is how REAL MEN play.

It’s actually funny – as in, I’m laughing because they want me to. Not laughing at them for being horrible.

 My RPG background? I never thought I was cool enough to hang out with those kids. I did get, finally in college, to play some White Wolf games. The only female, yes. A total n00b (not sure what the word would’ve been back then), yes. And I LOVED it. And I was good at it.

 Clerics. Ninjas. Zombies (“Are they zinjas? Are they nombies? I don’t know!”). Pirates (“Everything. Is better. With pirates.”). Skinny, hairless blonde women. They really know their demographic.

 I’m guessing they all work in movies, maybe, and sent a call out to friends for help…because there’s a fairly large cast of extras, decent costuming/sets/props, and the special effects don’t suck. At all.

 “I’m NOT evil I’m chaotic NEUTRAL.”

“You’re a whore.”

What Just Happened? – I made it 20 minutes before looking for something else.

Electric Apricot – “IF you really want to stick it to your government you don’t even have to vote. Just put a bunch of stickers on your van.”

Choda Boy cameos.

They mock everything from Burning Man to jam bands to Aliester Crowley.

It struck me while watching that people who don’t “get it” (jokes about hippies and music festivals)  might actually be able to take this seriously, as a documentary.

The focus is scattered, mocking the festival scene, bands/musicians – easily the weakest scenes in the movie are Electric Apricot in the studio, recording their first ablum. The opening scenes of festival goers and band member introductions are well-paced and funny. The studio is same ol’ arguing over instruments, timing, women in the studio, etc. Not funny. Esp. when they go into “social harmonization” therapy. It finally picks back when the band  arrives at Festaroo and the focus goes back to montage sound bites with festival goers, other musicians, etc. Their hit single, Are you Going to Burning Man, is fairly the nadir.

Naked States is good.

I appreciate what he says, about “making it” in the art world. I found it interesting that bikers, whom one might think would be happy to get naked and extend a metaphorical finger to society were the most uptight, but some sweethearts in the middle of nowhere agreed to pose. Of course, the burners in BRC were all late for their shoot.


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