Youth in Revolt review

Youth in Revolt sucks.

Oh, now now, it doesn’t suck. It just doesn’t..really……anything.  One of those movies with nothing good to gush about, nothing bad enough to criticize. Here’s all I got:

Steve Buscemi, Zach G = highlights

 Mildy amusing – bemusing, perhaps, (reminiscent of Adventureland) but not out-right “Funny,” or clever…sort of….coming of age light. A great story for people like Cera’s stereotype. Plodding, dull-witted, a check-list of suburban honor students (vinyl collection? Check. New Wave/ movie references**? Check. Journal-keeping? Check.)

 The only sort of people his will appeal to are the people upon whom the lead characters are based. Those who think taking their mom’s car without permission really is revolt.  The best scenes involve the other characters.

 Underwhelming. That is the word for this movie. Uninteresting, too….

 Painfully “hip” and “indie” sdtk

Obligatory first drug use montage

You don’t care about his character – because he’s so two-dimensional? Everything he does is expected? Surprisingly, a 71% on Rotten Tomato.

I have to say, reading the positive reviews, I do not think the critic and I saw the same movie.

“riotous burst of cynicism” Are you kidding?

“a teen fantasy filled with lust, imagination, frustration and lots of laughs, artfully made and superbly played.” – To quote Videogum, “ah-no.” Well, yes, there’s lust. Some teen boy masturbates and likes a super pretty, skinny girl. There’s imagination, he takes drugs and the Joy of Sex comes to life in little cartoons. Oh, oops, SPOILER. Yeah, he’s frustrated. It’s sooo tough being smarter and more interesting than everybody else you know. Maybe some smiles (because of the supporting cast, and Cera’s alter-ego Francois – who might hopefully help get Cera in something not exactly the same as everything he has done***). Artfully made? Because there’s some claymation and cartoons?? Oh, and it does feature both Ceras on screen at once. WHOA! So ARTY. I will agree with superbly played. Cera is really good at this character – as he should be, since he’s had plenty of practice – and, as I’ve said, the other people in the movie are the best part of it.

“Some may find such elements desperate or calculated in their quirky-cuteness” – Yes…”some.” Cute, it was cute. But quirky? Yeah. Like a kid who shops at Hot Topic is goth, Youth in Revolt is a “quirky” movie.

Now, let’s see which reviews I can agree with:

Sitcom Features Michael Cera Yet Again as Terminally-Nerdy Teen  (and that’s just the title of the review)

“Since appearing as an awkward geek in Superbad in 2007, we’ve seen the baby-faced thespian play slight variations of the same archetype in Juno, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Paper Heart, Year One and, now, Youth in Revolt. This time out, he’s Nick Twisp, a 16 year-old with raging hormones who’s obsessed with losing his virginity. How original! And the object of his injection is his proverbial girl next-door, Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), the prettiest girl living in their seedy trailer park.

Worse than that stale premise, is the script’s stilted dialogue…This and every other skit in this ill-conceived sketch flick falls flat.”

Youth in Revolt manages to be whimsical, mostly engaging and occasionally funny, but it’s too uneven, pretentious, and lacks genuine poignancy as a coming of age story.”

**”Nash ruins the effect of the homage by having one of the character refer to Breathless directly, thereby insulting the audiences intelligence…”


(from Cracked)


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