“The biggest problem with the PM was the whole story and the way it was told.”

So by now you know Mike has gifted us a very long, scene by near scene, review of Phantom Menace.

One of the absolute worst worsts EVER.

And I was there, opening midnight, dressed as a Tatooine village woman.

Anyways. It isn’t really Mike, it just should be, and you need to watch it. 

 “You may like the characters…you know…if you’re stupid.”

   “In fact this is so genius I have a feeling George Lucas had nothing to do with it, and probably fought against putting it in the movie.”

I enjoy when he uses “behind the scenes” footage and soundbites from George Lucas, showing his contradictions. Esp. post-first screening, when Lucas is all… “I might have not done a good job.”

Star Trek jokes, dead hookers and talking, murderous pizza rolls…I could have done without the “comedic effect” misogyny but appreciated small touches like  “What’s going on?” playing in the background, and a shot of Wonka and Charlie after quipping, “..and they always get the girl.”

 “No one likes little kids. Especially ones that can’t act.”

 “C3PO is clumsy, awkard and useless…Plus his arms don’t even bend. WTF is he supposed to help the mom with? A vacuum would have been a better…or a vibrator.”

 “Welcome to Coruscant…home of midair collisions…and boring scenes.”

 There’s loads and loads more, but I want to leave some for you to discover (and I can’t keep pausing and typing and so on).  

There’s also interviews with the maker on-line, but I’m not in the mood to go looking and linking. Just watch it.


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