Here I am again, mixin’…

Lovely and full of tequila, I pushed salt around the rim of my glass.

Wait, that’s a bad sentence. It makes it sound like I am lovely. What I meant to say was, being full of tequila was lovely. Of course, other people being full of tequila tends to make me lovely.

There’s a new gin in town:

I have no idea why I drink gin. When or how I started. What gave me the idea that I like it with lemon, not lime. These are all the great mysteries of life. Why is Bombay my preferred gin? Again, it’s a mystery!!! I am so full of mysteriousness. And, last night, tequila.

So I was all, “Heeeey, WTF is that?” And the bartender (aka, my friend), was all, “I dunno, want some?” And I was all, “Am I breathing?”

We decided to do an official taste test:

(from L to R) Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Tanquery

It was all kinds of sciencey. First, we smelled it. Then, we drank it. I took scrupulous notes:

Some highlights:

“The moonshine of gins.” – the bartender, about the incredible (ie, horribly strong) smell of Bombay original – or “Red,” as I now call it. It just smelled….like straight up, not-the-drinking-kind alcohol

The Tanqueray didn’t smell like anything, really. Here’s the weird thing: once the tonic (Schweppe’s from a small glass bottle, as you see) was added, Red had no smell, and  Tanqueray – “tonic makes it smell worse…the most alcoholy.”

Sapphire smelled the same (all together floral and booze sharp) before and after.

Tanquery = “blugh” (I believe those were my words)

Me, after all the smelling and tasting: “Gin is terrible!”

“I know! But you love it!”

“Not after a night of tequila!”

Final result: We both liked the Red after all, with the tonic (she = Tanq, me = Sapphire)


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