At first I was all, I like this guy! And now he tweets with Neil Hamburger. Smitten.

We used to watch Mr. Bean videos in German (class).

I could devote some space in my house to this awesome furniture.

Yes pls.

For me, personally, Russian was the hardest language to learn – Russian and Czech. Tenses, GAH! But

Latin’s six cases cower in comparison with Estonian’s 14,

And I did fairly well making the foriegn noises (according to my professor in Olomouc), but

!Xóõ, spoken by just a few thousand, mostly in Botswana, has a blistering array of unusual sounds. Its vowels include plain, pharyngealised, strident and breathy, and they carry four tones. It has five basic clicks and 17 accompanying ones.

Turks coin fanciful phrases such as “Çekoslovakyalilastiramadiklarimizdanmissiniz?”, meaning “Were you one of those people whom we could not make into a Czechoslovakian?”

I think I’m a Whorfianite. There’s gotta be a tee for that.

Oh yeah.

I’m not one of those type nerds, but I liked Helvetica. I know  the ire for Papyrus and Comic Sans.  And I pretty much enjoy it anytime when people are elitest about silly things.   So I am enjoying all the Avatar Papyrus hullabaloo (the key is to read the comments).  I haven’t seen Avatar, and don’t really want to, by all accounts it sounds stupid, but here’s some more mockery in the form of James Cameron’s original draft…

How have I not been Small Wonder for Halloween? I loved that show.


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