(unpublished from July)

In response to this article, this letter was sent:

Miss Moore,

I was profoundly hurt and dismayed by your column in the Free Times.

I too have been disappointed by a  pasta salad as you. But please believe me that
we at the North American Pasta Salad Consortium (NAPSC) work diligently everyday
to make sure that pasta salad remains a reliable plate filler in delis and coffee shops
throughout the continent. 

Every year we provide support to our members on how to make a palatable pasta
salad in the form of mailers, webcasts and seminars. However there is still much to do
in our ongoing mission to educate restauranteurs  and staff alike.

One of our newest and most popular recipes is Pasta SalmonElla a delicious mixture
of ziti pasta and fish with gorgonzola cheese, named after the late Ella Fitzgerald,
a frequent pasta salad eater.

A recent poll we conducted showed that 44% of Americans and North Americans
preferred pasta salad over 3 bean salad and pork skins! 

  Miss Moore, I only implore that you take another taste of a pasta salad, yes sometimes
it may be mushy or tasteless,  but when you indict its mushyness or tastelessness
you also indict your friends and neighbors that created it.  But I can assure you that
we here at NAPSC are working hard to change attitudes about the way pasta salads
are conceived and received in the present and the future.

Vic Mantolay
Public Relations Officer
North American Pasta Salad Consortium




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