The Girlfriend Experience

Opens with seemingly mundane montage of a couple…at a restaurant, murmering over the breakfast table. Switch to some guy in a gym… and there’s a group of businessmen. Then her voiceover starts, back to the  original couple: what she wore, when they met. Where they met. And the details of their weekend…that she was hired for.

The “girlfriend experience,” wherein a prostitute sticks around, after the fucking. And there’s a lot more talking and boring stuff like spending time together outside of intercourse.

The guy in the gym is her boyfriend (for real). He puts up with it, and is trying to get his own career as a trainer going.

Fairly Soderbergh, the laissez-faire camera work, conversation hopping…his usual interest in bare human interactions and…what would the word be…industrialization? In SLV, it was surburbia. Schizopolis it was cubicle land. Now it’s Wall St. All her boyfriends talk about finance. She lists her very expensive lingerie, clothing and accessories. Some sort of statement, I know it…anyways, the movie continues as snippets threaded together with the base line of she’s trying to move upscale in escort land.

Towards the end a character offers his review, of her performance. I found it also sums up the actresses. Lacking culture/refinement, claiming to be something she isn’t (a good actress)…”a splendid time is not guaranteed.” Secret Diary of a Call Girl works because they’ve made Belle sympathetic. Girlfriend Experience doesn’t work, the lead isn’t sympathetic – or really even there at all. Which, I suppose, is a metaphor/allegory of it’s own.

My friend IM’d me as I watched, asking if it was good. “Eh. Not really. Sort of interesting, since I am familiar with and tend to like Soderbergh, so it’s like seeing a band I like do something new but it aint’ that great – mostly cuz the lead sucks.”

Watch Schizopolis instead. More than once, as they instruct:


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