Thanks, Netflix!

They say I like “Dark Movies” and “Understated Comedies.” Both true, but still. That’s funny.

So, remember when I was saying that most gay indie movies are crap? And that Make the Yuletide Gay wasn’t? The Curiousity of Chance is.

An American gay kid starts new at an International School (so half the cast has weird accents) and learns he likes doing drag. But oh no! The jocks think he’s a total fag! And they make fun of him! The student cast looks as old as the adult cast. It’s like…they set it in an international school, to give an excuse for the random accents – but foreigners don’t speak like Americans, when they speak English. So having some “jock” talk like a stereotypical American dude, but with a Swedish accent, just doesn’t work. Neither does having an international school stereotyped like mid-town America. Or setting a movie in the 80s, for the seemingly sole purpose to have 80s fashions in the wardrobe (and, again, dress international students in another country like stereotypical mid-town America). It was just a forced, messy movie, didn’t make a whole lot of sense  – does John Waters even know his name is on it? Meh, you know it’s bad when I can neither make fun or, nor give a more intelligent critique of it.

Instead of letting an honest story simply tell itself, it’s like they tried to force everything they could into it (wacky clothes! drag queens! oh let’s put the dad in random non-American camoflauge!) and it just doesn’t work.

But then, I liked dark movies and understated comedies, so it might just be me.


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