Hannah Takes the Stairs

Hannah Takes the Stairs is OK.  Handheld cameras, no script, the phrase “20-something” in the blurb on the pack of the Netflix envelope. It’s about Hannah, and how lonely she is. Or afraid of commitment she is. Or how vapid and uninteresting she is, and montages of her complaining about everybody else.  Maybe I’m too old to really identify with her…her stilted fear of communication is the large flaw of the movie. She complains about how nobody listens to one another, anymore, yet her sentences are rarely fully-formed, or conveyant of anything that would produce a meaningful conversation.  Either they’re going overboard to make a point, or their point gets lost in meandering dialogue – I guess if you know what “mumblecore” is, you pretty much know if you want to see this or not.

I say why not, the performances are good (the awkwardness gets pretty heavy-handed), the dialogue feels natural but not improvised and it is a fairly unique viewpoint on dating/relationships (as far as what is normally represented in film).


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