My work day in film

Satanic Panic – Super obvious Acting 101 delivery, vocal inflections and facial expressions. It is really bad, to the point I wondered if this movie was supposed to be a comedy. They should have used real footage from satanic panic victims, instead of the cheesy shadow figures, describing stereotypical experiences through a voice changer. You can tell when satanic things are happening, because they put a red light bulb in the socket. The high-pitched histrionics sound more like a tickle party, than a satanic ritual. 30 minutes in, and I still can’t tell if it is supposed to be a parody, or not. There’s not a cliché left unturned (dialogue, acting, girls in bikinis, pointless sex scenes).

I stopped watching about 30 minutes in.


Pretty Ugly People – Hey! It’s Sukie! And the neighbor from Cougar Town! Sheriff from True Blood! Wonky-eyed comedienne lady! And a whole lot of other “S/He’s been in stuff!” faces. “Feel-good indie comedy” pretty much sums this one up. Nothing to remark upon, nothing to complain about. Follows standard plot arc. Reflect-y singer-songwriter music.

Didn’t finish Strange Culture. More interesting to read about (though I love Tilda Swinton, any way I can get her).

Watch Ideal, 1/1, liked it most for the accents. Didn’t really get into Chef!

Mitchell and Webb rounding out my day. Standard Britcom sketch stuff, a la Little Britain, but good enough to keep watching.


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