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My Disguises – lovely and random, just how I like it. Loads of pics, tutorials and ideas AND this awesome video:

Last night’s A-Team guest starred some hot Latino friend.

“Something about a me sandwich”

And I just found an episode description:

The A-Team brings its five-season run to a rousing conclusion…Sneaking out a message written in anchovies on a pizza delivery, Murdock manages to alert Hannibal (George Peppard) and B.A. (Mr. T) to his plight. The climax is a riotous free-for-all, with guns blazing and fists flying–resulting in a near-fatality for one of the Team members!

Riotous free-for-all! My vagina’s new nickname.

Last night’s Knight Rider was also good. So was the Incredible Hulk! He saved some battered kid. It was a little depressing, the school nurse was all, “I can’t report it! I’ll lose my job!” and Baxter was all, DO IT OR I SMASH. (Not really.)

And, oddly, on Supernatural, there was a Hulk reference. Now, I don’t watch Supernatural. Never, ever, wever, hever…but last night’s actually made me physically laugh out loud. Or smirk out loud. I can’t remember. Something about Dean and his brother getting stuck in TV land by archangel Gabrial (I know, right? But no riotous free-for-all), to force them to battle Satan?

They did an excellent job mocking CSI: Miami-  only wish they’d spoofed Gilmore Girls. Slayed Rory. “Joke about Dean’s penis….slaying…etc.” Also a Knight Rider bit, on Supernatural. So my evening of TV came full-circle.


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