The internet wins again!

I hadn’t bothered to watch the auto-tune science video thingie, because I don’t understand science and the autotune gimmick fad wasn’t all that funny the first time I saw the news autotuned. But now Bill Nye Science Guy is involved, so I watched it.

Again, another job well done. Really made me want to blast off in my rocketship and crash into a planet. And by that I mean drop a bunch of acid and listen to these guys talk about outerspace while I roll around on the carpet. – Geekologie, who makes everything awesome

Oh and…and…I helped my friend be a Klingon for Halloween once, in Phila. She had bought this forehead prosthetic, and it was awesome. This was circa Before Nerdy Shit Was Cool and Hip. I would describe it with words, but I don’t know if the brains of kids nowadays know how to make pictures in their brains. (Really nobody reads this so I’m not going to waste my time.) Anyways, this shirt wins.


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