So last night’s A-Team was a good one, where they save all the old people and their frontier town. Classic Murdock stuff! And then I come to work this morning and find this. Bradly Cooper? Eh. Too douchey. But, I don’t know if there’s any guy who can pull of the 80s machismo schtick. Because men today are pussies. At least the ones in Hollywood are.  LIAM NEESON as Hannibal? Asphinctersays who was in charge of casting this? Did they skip auditions and go straight for “Who would lend credibility that we can afford and get drunk enough to talk into it?” And now BA’s a soulja? And Murdock’s blonde? And who? Whom?

Oh, the guy from District 9. ‘k. And BA is some UFC dude.

Also, Boy George was on The A-Team.

None of this matters, anyways, as it is Hollywood remaking a nostalgic TV show, which means it is a failure from the start. It could be written by Shakespeare and starring…well, anybody, and it will still be poorly written, over-actioned and FAIL.


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