TFLN is really depressing.

At first I was all, ha!

And then I was all, awwww…

But then, reading TFLN just got really depressing. Really, really sad. To think that this horrible shit is actually happening to people. That women are coming into their sexuality this way – and thinking it is OK. That alcohol abuse is so abjectly common place…I really don’t think these kids know what they are doing to their bodies with alcohol (not to mention their still-growing egos/sense of self getting damage points through what they do and say, when intoxicated).

Anyways…I had to stop reading. It was just making me too sad.

However, today I am just too bored. So, here are some bits I found amusing (in between bragging of anonymous, unsafe sex, alcohol poisoning and other embarrassments):

(614): Acid is not a monday night drug

(480): Stop. You don’t mean that. Tequila might mean that. But you don’t mean that.

(631): i just found a bag of weed behind my capital one card. i guess that’s what’s in my wallet.

Special mention to this one:

(412): Is it too weird if im a sexy tampon for halloween?


You see kids, I’ve worked in the costuming business for over ten years. I started in a reputable, theatrical store with over 150,000 items to rent out. We’d dress entire casts, QVC sets – and rented a cape to Maury Povich, once!

In this town, my seasonal gig at a local costume shop involves packing away gorgeously made vintage clothing to make room for Leg Avenue crap. IE, slutty shit. It used to be a joke, “Oh, what about a slutty lobster? Slutty ___.” That joke isn’t funny, anymore. Sexy Freddy Krueger is a reality (much to the sadness of my co-worker, who thought she’d thought of a good one).

Two years ago, the last time I worked a season, we had slutty drug dealer (it came with a razor blade necklace and a syringe. Not.making.this.up.), slutty martini


(NOT a good seller, the “Dirty Martini.” Right up there with “Pokehottie’s” Native American – “Native American” get up), slutty ____ ….I mean, seriously.  We can’t even joke about it anymore.

And this one,

(651): I kinda knew it wasnt going to pan out when he would rather watch how i met your mother ON TIVO than fuck me……

If it was on TIVO, I could wait, but if it was 8 p.m., Monday night, I’d chose the show over sex. No I wouldn’t! Of course I wouldn’t. We would have sex and watch it at the same time. Who doesn’t know that??


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  1. Liason du Enuui Says:

    […] J I briefly discussed “sexy” cotumes before, yet somehow, they keep hitting rock bottomer. Sexy martini was a stretch, true, but let’s […]

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