Two for one

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Eight hours – 8.5, actually, of sitting at a desk with nothing to do. I watched some Breaking Bad, and am now watching Hump Day.

Man, that guy looks familiar…30 min. into it, “The Puffy Chair?”

Yep. I’m eh about Humpday, so far, but I liked TPC lots, so I’m gonna stick it out. One thing I noticed about TPC, I also noticed in the first few minutes of this movie – the acting is realistic. So, I guess that means the acting is “good.” The kinda little indie movie where you feel like you’re in it, because the conversation is flowing so naturally.

And you could almost take Humpday as a sequel to TPC, since the protagonist is now married, and dealing with the stuffiness of commitment, instead of having a girlfriend, and fearing the committment of a future. The future.

Also, I’m noticing similar to TPC, it starts out fairly “slow” and non-descript, and then all of a sudden you realize you’re riveted, by the on-paper mundanity of the plot. As with TPC, I chalk that up to the engaging performances.


Oh, and the other thing was confirming Pete Campbell’s wife is the brunette on Community.



Which is funny. Esp. the credits’ scene. Anyways, I don’t find her charachters dissimiliar. Now let’s move on to the Stella yogurt woman:


She was in Stella, I think there’s where I first saw her. No, wait, Best Week Ever? But then those Weight Watcher commercials. I was like, WTF? Why is she in this? She’s talented?

The “Boston Creme Pie” tastes nothing like pie. Maybe like Boston. Not sure. At first I thought there was a shadow of custard flavour, but each subsequent bite was the usual sucralose blandness of all fancy-flavoured yogurts.  Blech. I only got it to stave off my appetite while I microwave Mama D’s PREMIUM Ham Casserole.

That is why I cannot be sent to the grocery store hungry.

And now she’s in a Target commercial. She doesn’t have any lines, though, which I think means she gets paid less, which sucks for her. Give this woman money! She’s got the creds! I’m curious why she isn’t famouser. Maybe she doesn’t want to be.

Post Script

Mama D’s Premium Ham Casserole lacks cohesion, and is too soupy, for me to consider a casserole.  Aside from a general warm breakfastyness, there isn’t much going on, flavour-wise. The hashbrowns are a little al dente, for my tastes. Every once in a while the ham gives a cheerful reminder it’s there – though perhaps bland, it does, at least, taste “fresh.” Not chemical-y. I could believe someone made this, at home.  Not my mom, though, her breakfast casserole is the best!

I’m sitting here eating it and my co-workers asks, “Where’s your casserole?”

I show him the bowl.

“Hm.” He says.

“Doesn’t look like a casserole, does it?”

“No,” he agrees.


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