From the website that brought you that other thing that I thought was awesome, comes:

 Authorial Candy Bars, with their Respective Tag Lines, That Weren’t As Successful As the Oh, Henry! Candy Bar (by Jonathan Shipley):



Chaucer Sweet Cheese Bar—”Of harmes two the lesse is for to cheese.”

E.A. Poe Candy Balls—”Keeping time, time, time, / In a sort of Runic rhyme, / To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells / From the Candy Balls, Candy Balls, Candy Balls.”

Wilde Bar—”A taste so good it’ll be better than being sentenced to two years of hard labor for the crime of sodomy.”


Oh, and ha! Also Sartre’s script for Without a Trace.

God, I love readin’.


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