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Regretsy. Ha! Kitten amputees and dinosaur penii FTW.



Yes. That is correct. A Storm Trooper heel.

So, sometimes I dress up like Prom Princess Hitler. All I get is pretty much “awesome.” “That is the cutest Hitler ever.” A general conversation about the Holocaust being funny (?) came up. “When the last survivor dies, then it will be open range.” This is all just a bad intro to news that has nothing to do with this blog, except I collect Holocaust survivor memoirs (and work in a funeral home).

Marek Edelman, Last Leader of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Has Died

The living conditions – well, “living” – of said ghetto are mind-boggling (as is the whole entire effort to eradicate Jews, Romani, homosexuals, anybody else the Nazis felt like killing off, etc.)…ah. Meh. Anyways. It made me sad to read that. And, then right after that, I saw this

Really neat.

And yes, IRL I would go from discussing masturbating dinosaurs to the Holocaust. I am no less random outside of the internets.


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