WANT. I’ve been googling panniers and bustles all day, trying to decide on the quickest way to poof out my pirate skirt – or my Day of the Dead skirt.

Wait, this post should go here.

C’est la vie.  The outfit is fairly understated, all dark purple and black, somewhere inbetween costumey, and costumey realism…and I want it to be big on bottom – but not wear my poor hoopskirt, who suffered tremendously on the adventure to Black Rock City (torn fabric, broken hoops).

No luck finding tooth-out. I want this:

Wax does NOT work.

Per (!@#$%^&*&%#$) usual, all the best ideas are happening at the last minute. Zombie space pirate, panniers, girdle…zombie Barbies  and these ghouly dolls to hang from the trees, what to do with my hair? Hat? Wig? Headpiece?, stencils to give away – my Storm Trooper dress is now my World Inferno Friendship Society dress, with


on the front and this


On the back. I can’t decide if I want really clean hair and make-up, or if I want blood and rot.

Oh, and my boyfriends on one of the skirt panels:

The freezer paper method works very well, but I’m not pleased with the paint I’m using:

Too much splatter (it actually looks pretty cool on my nails, emerald glittery green with black splatter), even dry it is too tacky for my comfort – feels more like a huge layer of puffy paint (thick, and I could peel it right off), rather than something that will wash and wear well.

I’m a little skeert to do the front of the dress – meant to get some regular fabric paint when I went last night to get twill tape, but forgot. Am going to turn this

into something for the butcher who was kind enough to give me some freezer paper. I think I might do it on fabric and frame it – maybe cross stitch sampler around it…don’t know. Everything in life is on hold until after Alchemy.


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