A movie review I never finished

It is very easy for a movie to make me not want to see it. Put the words “Adam Sandler” somewhere on anything related to it. Punch Drunk Love changed that, slightly. I will now see who else is involved, before completely writing it off. The ol’ Freaks and Geeks gang, despite the mediocrity they’re now famous for, got that second look with Funny People.


Nearly every minute of the first…where am I? (I’m typing as I watch it) 11 minutes is, how you say…”funny.” Even a prank call, which usually bores me*, makes me lol. No, really, outloud. I, personally, could do with less  penis and balls jokes/references/conversation, but Apatow’s movies are always decidedly not written for or by a woman.  You take the postmodern satirical references with the cock and balls, no?


*I went to see Queens of the Stone Age, once. Well, twice, but the first time involved a trip to the beach several hours away. My driver and his co-pilot passed the time with a bowl, a case of Busch Light (or somesuch equivilant) and Jerky Boys CDs.


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