(503): i wish that high-me and normal-me were two different ppl so that high-me could thank normal-me for setting out a feast before smoking (1-503): I wish that high-you wouldn’t text me stupid shit at 3:30 in the morning


(803): so i definitely just saw 2 cops high five each other as they were arresting underage drinkers in 5 points.


Good. I hate 5 Pts and those stupid frat kids deserve everything they get.


(419): The new Black Eyed Peas song is the stupidest shit I’ve heard since the last Black Eyed Peas song.


(704): You ran away and I found you three blocks later lying by a dumpster because “that’s where your life belongs”


(973): Coffee is gods way of saying go ahead, get absolutly trashed on weeknights, I got your back


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