I was trying not to just have lists of TFLN, but sometimes they are so funny, or close to home, or something I’ve done or thought…

You were face down, at your computer, surrounded by beer bottles listening a bagpipes version of amazing grace.

I marched for True Love Waits


with a bagpipe player, who knew one song.

(541): at a bonfire and someone threw a plastic cup in the fire. everyone immediately stopped what they were doing to yell collectively at him about what he was doing to the environment, then went back to drinking
(1-541): only in oregon

Only anywhere I ever drink around a fire…

(414): it was like she was tryin to eat my face and i was defending myself with my mouth

Bad kissing is TEH WURST.


Fact: Godrick looks like David Archuleta



Ha ha ha…True Blood 4-evah! Worst thousands of years old vampire overlord EVER.


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