I got a bike!!

Now I just need some way to transport it to Atlanta. So, I’ve been looking for one, for months. I’d all but given up, decided one more posting on Clist. Within the hour of posting, I had an email offering TWO bikes (cruiser, one speed). Sounded shady…too perfect. Showed up. This guy was pretty cool. Rad moustache, tinkers with bikes, was going to go to Burning Man, even.

Now, that’s not a big deal for you guys. You live in burner la-la land. Where I live, even the artsy people in my social circle haven’t heard of it.

He asked us to walk around the house, to the yard, where I saw it…the bike. Covered in a rainbow of dots. With, with, a skull affixed to the handlebars. I stopped still. “What? This is too weird.” This guy responded so quickly to my last-ditch effort post, had TWO bikes like I need, at the price I wanted to pay…and now he has a clown bike with a skull on it?

Get out.

It didn’t ride as well as the plain one, though, so I’m getting the plain one.

Now, what can I do to make my bike cooler than you? On no budget?

I think I’ll call her Henrietta. Here she is.


One Response to “I got a bike!!”

  1. I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] By J I posted on the wrong blog. […]

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