(810): i know ur right I’m sorry I’m stupid and incompitent look I can’t even spell incompetent right! Fuck!

(413): no but I have been chillin’ like em’ homeboys in the rainforest yo!

(313): sometimes when you bring the thunder you get lost in the storm
(248): I have this horrible feeling I’m going to blackout tonight & only be able to say ‘wasabi bobby’ over & over again.
Wasabi Bobby? Does he know Bob Loblaw?
(718): 3 deer just ran past us on the street. At least I get to see some tail tonight
(248): with your own penis?
Is it wrong, that I find this romantic?
(586): I want to buy you liquor! I want to kiss your face.
I was once told, “I want to eat your brains.” I thought that was awesome (this was years ago, pre-zombie fad).

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