Motorola Karma, week 1

I’m still undecided. I figured out how to delete pictures and multiple messages.

Still can’t figure out how to assign ring tones to people. Edited: yes I did.

It claims to have sounds for when I open and close my phone, I’ve selected them all, don’t hear a thing.

Vibrate sucks. We stared at it last night, you couldn’t hear it or see it. When I held it, there was one quick buzz. Unless you are holding it in your hand, vibrate is useless.

Battery life = suck; needs to be plugged in each night (a good idea anyways, but should it be down to the last battery bar?).

Calling is still kinda a hassle…most things are a bit of a hassle, lots of button pushing and scrolling around. Again, though, that could be just how cell phones are. I don’t know.

Above all, I still mostly really like the shape. I think I might try a Vu, though, to have some sort of basis for comparison.

ATT&T’s coverage isn’t remarkable – but again, no basis for comparison. If anything it seems inconsistent. For example, sitting at a bar last night, one minute I had some bars, the next I didn’t – from the same exact place. Again, could just be a normal cell phone thing.

Like that I can re-order the (icons/shortcuts) menu screen, so what I use most are the first four icons displayed.

People are still laughing, and amazed, that I done got myself a cell phone. Though I have texted while driving, it was at a red light, and I didn’t finish it until the next light. Will not answer, while I’m driving.

Well, I think I won’t, nobody’s called, yet. Mostly just texting. Fine with me. Who wants to interact with other humans anyways?? Not me! See you at the robot reservation, suckers!


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