I just went through almost 90 pages (out of 384) of “pirate” search results on Etsy.


And then amused myself by sending out this message on my new phone:

Thank you for joining __’s Contacts. Please select from the following Drunk Text options: a) nonsensical b) naughtynaughty or c) illegible. Thank you, Management.

One reply reads “d all of the above.”


One Response to “”

  1. nancy Says:

    Oh yeah, I got that message….Just fyi, I can’t return text messages. Yeah, I know, I’m lame. Verizon makes me get them for free to entice me to pay for sending back. Marketing punks at it again…phuckers. My answer is that it doesn’t phucking matter – it’s all good and you can rant as much as you want knowing I cannot retort. sigh.

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