Es war spass. Long story short…I had a rave, and a raging fire (don’t put entire table tops on fire pits, kids) and a yard full of EL wire and blinky lights.

bday 011

bday 013

One guest exclaimed, “I want a prom photo!” I, of course, thanks to my magic house, complied:

bday 015

Dress, tiara and bowtie.

Tattoo parlor on the blanket:

bday 021

One “friend” got me…well, ahem, a bag of er, personal items (requiring batteries and lube). And, glow-in-the-dark erotic dice. In Spanish. Everyone left with something sexy – and Spanish – tattoo’d on ’em.

AND…le piece de resistance,

bday 022

bday 023

bday 026

bday 024

Zoot alors!

See, that’s French, like they talk in fancy Middle Eastern countries, where they smoke these shits. Sadly, it did not come with sheesha, so I will be finding recipes today…let’s read Camus, listen to Dead Can Dance and talk about art.


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