Motorola Karma

I has one.


It is my first cell phone, ever.  I really like the shape and feel of it.

One woman said it is heavy. I don’t find it so – but then, I have no basis for comparison. It comes with pretty screen thingies and cartoon do-hickies, nice music choices, and the keyboard is easy to type on.

What I don’t like (and, again, this might be standard cell phone stuff, I wouldn’t know) or can’t figure out/find instructions for (it is a new phone, very little info out there that I could google):

I can’t figure out how to delete pictures.

There’s no mute button. When I get to work, I have to go through all the settings re-doing, to switch it to silent.

Haven’t figured out how to send a text to multiple people.

You have to delete each message, one by one. Delete. Delete? Yes. I’d like to delete the whole thread, or something else less time-wastey.

You do, of course, have to slide it open to make a call or type. I can see (having had it for oh, a day) why the ones with the touch screen AND full qwerty are nice. Just make a call right quick, without opening it.

It is easy to use with one hand – and I really do like the shape.

From what I’ve read, it is targeted towards “kids” and social networkers (has icons for FB, MS, etc.). I’m neither. I just wanted to text, mostly…

I think the battery life might suck, too. At 9 a.m. yesterday it was fully charged. At 10:30 p.m. it was down a bar, one bar out of three, on the battery icon.

I can’t figure out how to give people their own ringtone. I can set it so that individual tones are “On,” but there’s no way (I can find) to assign one to my contacts.

It has GPS – or it does, if you pay for it? Games, too? I’m not sure about those two things. It sounded like GPS was included, in the phone description. One review’s main complaint was that the majority of icons are pay-only stuff.

I’m clicking on stuff, nosing around, getting nowhere.

I had been pretty set on a Xenon, I definitely like the feel of the Karma better, but not sure about the dislikes (if they’re worth trying another phone for).

Still hate talking on the phone, and talking into a small little phone. It was nice to use my landline, last night (which I’ll keep for another month, while people get my new digits).

I’m also sad I had to lose the phone number I’ve had for years and years and years. I guess this weekend will be the real test.


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