Timewasters of the Day!


The new Harry Potter movie is EXACTLY like all the other ones.

The three leads are flat, unemotive and fairly painful to watch. I do believe the fellow playing Draco might actually be talented! Tom Riddle, I couldn’t tell. Slightly hammy/heavy-handed, but it is a children’s movie about wizards, no?

If you haven’t read the books, you’ll be lost. There is just so much backstory, motivation, etc. that the film completely ignores to the detriment of the narrative.

“It was a soap opera,” my dad said. A bunch of teens snogging. Not enough magic, definitely. Per usual, it is delightful to see Rowling’s world(s) brought to life, but if you have no affinity for the people and places, combine that with the lack of a sensible plot, it’s a mess of a movie.

I find the fans of HP much more entertaining! Several years ago I had a wrock (wizard rock, keep up!) phase, and I still secretly want some Slytherin gear.

“Are you ready…are you prepared…”

Kill some time looking at wrock bands on myspace. It’s awesome. And, again, Geek Crafts is AWESOME.

Apparently everything is awesome today.


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