“Astrology is BS!” – Penn Jillette

However, I enjoy Rob Brezsny’s. Primarily because it is always encouraging in some strange, en pointe way – and he drops references like Nietzsche.

Nietzsche’s dictum might be useful for you to keep in mind right now, Leo: “If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger.” Since I’m very sure that the turbulent waters through which you’re navigating will not kill you, I’m looking forward to all the ways this journey will upgrade your confidence and enhance your power. But there’s more to be gained, beyond what Nietzsche formulated. It’s also true that if it doesn’t kill you (which it won’t), it will make you wilder and kinder and smarter and more beautiful.

The local paper’s (and it is barely just that, some pieces of paper with ink on them):

“It’s time to have a little fun. Take that much-needed break. Surround yourself with the people you enjoy the most. Strive for a worry-free day. Let someone else entertain you for a change.”

Now, bearing in mind it is a) a holiday (4th of July) and  b) a holiday notorious for letting other people entertain you (via BBQs, Tony Danza tapdancing, fireworks, etc.) a monkey could write that nonsense.

However, I am applying them both to Transformus.

Entertain me, monkey minions, or it will kill me.

Plus, after work today I’ll be heading to the “Loose Cockaboose,” where my derby pals will be wrestling each other (and innocent bystanders) in Jello to the soulful tunes of Isabelle’s Gift (the lead singer’s kid’s name is Kyuss, for reals). And it is free!

God bless America.


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