I have three bottles, mysterious bottles of homemade ______?


The short I believe to be Zombie Girl beer, a gluten-free flaxseed beer created in my honor, and named for me.  There’s a considerable amount of sediment, however, and I need to contact the maker to ask what to do.


Besides cradle it lovingly, and call it George.


The other two could be mead, absinthe or ___?

Also in the WTF do I do with this? category, my last trip to the $1-a-lb Goodwill was quite bountiful. Here are a few highlights:


Because you never know when you’ll be invited to a luau. Also, it is made of some sort of parachute-like material. Horrid stuff.


My very first “Gee, this will look crazy under blacklight” purchase. It’s much more neon than this photograph represents.

The other finds are secret projects, that I may or may not share upon completion. Two words: fur bikini and unicorn bustier.

Oh, and my Wookie boots!


Again, picture isn’t doing object justice. However, it did remind me that last night in my dream, I was trying to get the boyf to be OK with Chewbacca being on my list. Yes folks, my sex dreams involve not Brad Pitt, or…um…Hot Famous Guy, but Peter Mayhew.

The End.


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