So like I was telling Best Week Ever…

…in response to The 9 Least Important 911 Calls:

I can only offer the fact that a) I know the guy b) he was my best friend’s roomate at the time, and with that here is his story:

Said roomate was at a local strip joint (notorious for being all-nude and lack of selective hiring practices). A dancer offered sexual intercourse in exchange for $250.

When they went to the…wherever, and all he got was a lapdance, he got irate, hollerin’ about how she stole his money and, subsequently, was thrown out of the club.

Upon arrival back at his house (yes, he got drunk at a strip club, thrown out of said strip club for violent behaviour, and drove home) he called 911, to inform the police that a stripper had just stiffed him $250, and she owed him sexual intercourse.

The police came over, and told him another call like that, and he’d go to jail. The end. (I have no idea what he is doing now.)


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